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HOPE Academy (Grades 6-12)

Last Updated: 12/16/2021 6:32 PM

Entrance into this program will be a team decision which may consist of administrators, school counselors, parents, and the student. Students may be referred HOPE Academy due to one or more of the following reasons.

2021-2022 FPO/HOPE Academy Referral Form (Completed by school staff)

HOPE ("Helping Others Pursue Excellence") Academy is a program designed to address the needs of middle and high school students that can not be met in regular schools. The students referred to HOPE Academy are typically at risk of educational failure (as indicated by poor grades, truancy, disruptive behavior, or similar factors associated with temporary or permanent withdrawal from school). STUDENTS MUST BE REFERRED BY SCHOOL STAFF TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM. Students will remain in this program for at least a semester and it will be a team decision if the student wishes to change options. 

This program will be located at AELC (former Lynn-Kirk Elem.)  Students will receive coursework by computerized online instruction, with teachers available to assist. Attendance in this program is taken daily and students must attend at least 3 hours daily.

If your child is referred to HOPE Academy, please proceed to Step 1. If this form was already completed because your child was enrolled in Falcon Pride Online this school year, this form does not need to be completed again.


Step 1: Please fill out the 2021-2022 FPO/HOPE Academy Student Information Form using the link below. All information remains confidential. If you have more than one child interested, please complete this form for each child only once. 
2021-2022 FPO/HOPE Academy Student Information Form


Step 2: Parents and students are required to participate in a Zoom orientation session. Dates and times will be communicated out to families. Once an orientation session is attended by the family, students are officially enrolled.

*For the latest announcements, please view the link below
2021-2022 FPO/HOPE Academy Program Announcements


If you need additional information or have any questions, please call Ms. Janet Polish, Director of FPO/HOPE Academy Programs at 330-797-3900 ext.1514 or email at  





Janet Polish
Director of FPO/HOPE Academy Programs
330.797.3900 ext. 1514



Renee Houser
FPO/HOPE Academy Dean



Michelle DiMuzio
FPO/HOPE Academy Counselor