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AFHS Program Overview

The Falcon Pride Online Program at AFHS meets in a computer lab setting at the high school.  The students have daily interaction and assistance with our tutors, who are also certified teachers.  They assist the students in completing their work online, but also provide intervention in the identified areas of need.  Each tutor is assigned a cohort of students in the program to continually monitor and ensure that they are successfully working through the content and to provide intervention where needed.  The tutors maintain consistent contact with parents to update them on their child’s progress in the program.


Each student has a username and password for our online platform, PEAK through Blackboard Learning which is loaded with curriculum provided by FuelEducation.  The students are able to work from home and at school.  The PEAK platform is monitored by a teacher of record, most of which are teachers on staff in the Austintown Local School District.  Teachers have office hours that they are available to provide 1-on-1 assistance with students in person.  For more information on FuelED and PEAK please visit, here.


The parents have options as to how they would like their child to participate in the program, they are outlined below:


Option 1:  Students attend school all day (7:40 am - 2:35 pm).  The students will participate in breakfast and lunch and have the option to attend some electives, such as Band and Choir.


Option 2:  Students attend school for a half day AM 7:45-11:30 or a half day PM 11:30-2:40  In some cases, students may still participate in electives. Some students choose alternate times that still allows for four hours a day. This option must be approved by staff. Student’s work must be average or better and work up to date. Students must have successfully completed all credit recovery courses for this schedule option.





If you are interested in the program please contact your grade level principal and guidance counselor to set up a meeting.  At the meeting, it is important to discuss if the placement in the online program is appropriate and the best fit for your individual needs. The counselor that works with the online students should be in attendance as well to help with the decision-making process.

Grade 12 Principal Timothy S. Kelty 330.797.3900 ext. 1003
Grade 12 Counselor Amanda Krygowski 330.797.3900 ext. 1077
Grade 11 Principal Brian Racz 330.797.3900 ext.1064
Grade 11 Counselor Lesley Busico  330.797.3900 ext. 1047
Grade 10 Principal Jeff Swavel 330.797.3900 ext. 1048
Grade 10 Counselor Marie Dockry 330.797.3900 ext. 1050
Grade 9 Principal Salvatore Maiorana 330.797.3900 ext. 1031
Grade 9 Counselor Maribeth McGlynn 330.797.3900 ext. 1052
FPO Counselor Ken Kilpatrick







Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions about the program.  I am happy to assist you in any way that I can.




Anthony Meraglio
Falcon Pride Online/HOPE Academy
Dean of Students
Office: 330.797.3900 ext. 1055