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New Phone Number/Extensions and Phone System Migration


We are going to add to this post. Older posts will be pushed down the page.

Until further notice, please dial 330-797-3901 to reach the Transportation Office. Here are the following extensions: 

Front Office- 6061 & 6062
Transportation Supervisor- 6063


April 5th - Hold the phone, the new auto-attendant is not transferring calls from the menus. Stand by, I will have that corrected shortly. Thank you to the people that let us know.

April 4th - The new PBX went in along with about 150 classroom phones. I am beat.

Monday March 28, 2022

It has been awhile since my last update. Good news, I just took delivery of 194 classroom phones that go to FHS and AMS classrooms. Perigee has these units configured so they need placed in the appropriate classroom. We have been lucky as far as shipping and inventory goes. The phones have all been programmed. I am missing an important component that connects the new PBX to the phone company. There is a rumor that it is  on a truck. When that item gets here this project can come to an end.

For the techies out there... Modern IP phones and IP PBX's are computers first and phones second. The Comdial was a 1 pair of wire system. The new phones are computer networked on our LAN and require 4-pair of wire. I wired AMS with Cat5e drops for voice and we just used 1 pair in each drop so AMS is good to go. Fitch HS is another story. :)   Our edge switching at both AMS and FHS is is solid and more then up to the challenge of going VOIP. 

Finally, I mentioned at the March BOE meeting that we are redesigning our 911 implementation. And we are going to add a small number of SIP trunks to back up our PRI circuits. Cross your fingers, the next update from me will be about the final product and maybe phase 4 AES and AIS phones.


Wednesday March 2, 2022

I have good news. Our new redundant IP PBX's are in and 50 phones for phase II placements are in. Programming starts today.

Remember FHS AMS BOE extensions will not change, we are porting them to the new system. Voicemail is going to become active shortly.


Another thing the FXII handled was door magnet releases. That function went away when the FXII died. But Matt Bostian and I had a meeting with Austintown Lock and Key today to get that problem resolved.


I hope to be placing phones this weekend.


Finally, I moved a phase I phone to Food Service ext 1315. Try 3307973900 ext 1315. Fitch Clinic was not damaged, I neglected to plug it in.



Tuesday March 1, 2022

Today has been 100 times better than yesterday. Phase II phones are on a truck. All the phase II details are completed (extensions, phone descriptions, etc.)   I do have one error that I would rather not mess with right now. The main menu at 3307973900 is missing an option in the recording.


Press 1 for Fitch

Press 2 for AMS

Press 3 for the Board Office

Press 4 for the AD's office

Press 5 for the Special Ed Office

Press 6 for HOPE and Pride Academy   <-- this one is missing from the recording but the menu option does work.


Monday Feb 28, 2022

- Phase 1 did not go off without a hitch…

I assumed our PRI’s (we have 2) were assigned to 3307973900 and 3307973901, I was only half correct. 3307973901 is actually assigned to PRI 1, all forwarding was controlled by the FXII.

We also had horrendous voice service at AMS this morning. I had that repaired at around 8:30am.

Tackling constructing a new SIP trunk from Fitch to AIS took most of the morning. But callers are greeted with a functioning menu at 3307973901 which includes the Transportation Office. Unplugging a device that has been running for over 10 years is always interesting.


Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 consists of:

- - place 50 phones on desks in admin and support offices.

- - Install the IP PBX systems permanent.

- - Configure voicemail. ← NO VOICEMAIL at 3307973900 “Why not?” Remember that is not our device.

- - Rebuild more permanent menus.

- - Reminder – placed phones stay and current extension numbers stay.


I am waiting for call back on the delivery date of the phone and 2 IP PBX systems. I will update as soon I get that information.


Saturday and Sunday - place physical phones.

Friday Feb. 25, 2022 - I pull the plug on any more repair time. Perigee gathered as many phones as they have and we dropped in a new IP PBX Friday afternoon and evening. 3307973900 is back in business. This is a temp phone switch. The replacements are ordered and on the way. New phones are on the way. STOP - 20 new phones do not instantly replace over 200 old phones and the menu options in the old auto attendant. Good news is we will keep our old extensions in the migration process and as phones go on desks, menu options will be added. A second wave of phones will be here this coming week. They are aimed at office spaces and support staff. AMS classrooms phones are phase three. "What about Fitch, they never had classroom phones..."  Correct, but that is going to change.

Wednesday Feb 23, 2022 - grab some Samsung IP phones and connect Transportation to the Samsung platform.

Weekend of Feb. 19, 2022 I get a message that my phone is doing the "same thing" it was doing. (ie not working properly) No problem, I have another replacement extension card. I swap it out but this does fix the problem and on the surface we may have lost a slot in the cabinet. We speculate the cause for short time and replace the entire top cabinet. No go. The FXII start to exhibit strange behavior. We work on it for 3 days. We swapped out every card in the cabinet. Up and down, up and down, nothing. We can't get this thing to be consistent.

Monday Feb. 7, 2022 We burn up an extension card in the main FXII cabinet. Transportation has powered phones but they do not work. We replace the extension card and we are back in business. We have replaced 2 extension cards in the life of the FXII. I was confident that the problem was solved.

From 2006 to 2022  The FXII auto attendant handles all menu options and transfers. This is the device you hear when calling 3307973900. The Comdail FXII runs FHS, AMS, BOE, and AELC for pennies for over 15 years providing phone service, voicemail, and auto attendant service. And I forgot - the FXII also provided service to the Transportation office and Community Center.

2014???  The AELC stays open and another cabinet is used to provide phones and phone service to AELC.

2012 A hybrid Samsung phone system goes in for AES/AIS.

2005-2006 AMS open and we expand two Comdail cabinets off the system below therefore providing AMS with phones for the cost of phones sets, but not a new phone system or new phone service.

1999  The Comdial FXII platform is installed in the District, it was housed at Fitch HS. This install include this new technology - voicemail and an auto attendant.

1998 We are looking for a new phone system. One of the main design elements is "no matter what you do, we need to keep our published phone numbers namely 3307973900."

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