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Virtual Commencement Ceremony: How to tune in

The Austintown Fitch 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremony will be held on Sunday, May 31, 2020 at 10 a.m. You can view the ceremony in the following ways:


0. For immediate viewing of the 2020 Commencement Ceremony please click here to view


1. Armstrong Cable - Go to channel 202 to view the show at 10 a.m. Additional broadcast dates and times can be found on the Falcon Media website under Program Schedule:     


2. Austintown Falcon Media YouTube Channel - Go directly to our channel at 10 a.m. to view the show: The ceremony will remain posted on our channel indefinitely.    Here is a direct link


*3. Austintown Local Schools District Website - Go to the homepage at 10 a.m. to view the show. Need a copy? No problem! The steps to complete a digital download of the ceremony to your own device will also be available here. Directions and links to Google Drive are below.


4. Facebook - Go to the Austintown Local Schools page at 10 a.m. to find the show link to our YouTube page.


5. Twitter- Go to the Austintown Schools (@AFalcon Facts) page at 10 a.m. to find the show link to our YouTube page.


Congratulations to the Class of 2020! 


*Directions and Links for digital copies of Fitch 2020 Commencement. 

We have two versions of the same file posted on Google Drive. The difference between the two video files is how they were compressed and file size. The ceremony is about 2 and half hours in run time at 720P / Stereo.

Commencement_2020-720-Better.mp4 has a file size of about 1.5 G

Commencement_2020-720-Fast.mp4 has a file size of about 830 MB

The files are stored in Google Drive.

1. Left click on a link above and it will take you to the Google Drive where the videos are stored.     


2. Right click on one of the videos and left click Download in the menu.

download any

3. You may be prompted by Google for a "virus scan" due to file size. Click DOWNLOAD ANYWAY.

4. This action will save the video file to your device in your default download folder. If prompted Save the video do not OPEN it yet. When your download is complete, you can view the video offline. I recommend VLC for viewing video files if you need a video player.

Question: "What is the best way to view the 2020 Commencement video?"

Answer: This depends of your device and audience. The original editing file is about 11G. It is pretty thick with a high bit rate for Youtube and broadcast. Google Drive and Youtube are Goolge's tech. If you watch the files above from Drive you get the stream via the Youtube player. The file sent to Youtube seen on Falcon Media is a higher bit rate file, I watch that one as my first choice. Channel 202 Armstrong uses the same high bit rate file, also a first choice. Make sense?

Choices by quality of video files

1. Falcon Media Youtube, and Channel 202 on Armstrong (highest quality bit rate)

2. The 1.5 G file above sounds awesome on my computer.  <<- this is why I published this one a little earlier. You have some time to get the file downloaded and a device set up for viewing for the party!

3. Social media outlets reference the Falcon Media Youtube stream.

There is a also an MPEG2 file up there at 3GIG (MPEG2 is for DVD purposes)


Go Falcons!



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