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Our Schools

Austintown Fitch High School
4560 Falcon Drive
Austintown, OH 44515
Principal:  Chris Berni
Important Numbers:
Administration 330.797.3900
Fax 330.797.3944

Austintown Middle School
800 S. Raccoon Road
Austintown, OH 44515
Principal:  Jim Penk
Important Numbers:
Administration 330-797-3900
Administration 330.792.9130
Fax 330.792.9130

Austintown Intermediate
225 Idaho Road - Lloyd Loop
Austintown, OH 44515
Principal:  Jeffrey Swavel
Important Numbers:
Administration 330-797-3901
Fax 330.792.5750

Austintown Elementary School
245 Idaho Road - Lynn Kirk Loop
Austintown, OH 44515
Principal:  Tom Lenton
Important Numbers:
Administration 330.797.3901
Fax 330.792.7124

The Austintown Local School District is a united community with a proud legacy and a progressive approach to education.

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Austintown Local Schools 700 S. Raccoon Road
Austintown, OH 44515
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  Phone: 330.797.3900
  Fax: 330.792.8625