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Austintown Local Schools

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District Administration

David Cappuzzello   Blaise Karlovic   Andrea Apisa  
Superintendent   Treasurer   Assistant Treasurer  
330.797.3900 x1510   330.797.3900 x1515   330.797.3900 x1502  
Dr. William Young   Angela Kopp   Kerri Gries  
K-12 Curriculum Director   Special Education Director   Gifted & Talented Students Director  
330.797.3900 x1519   330.797.3900 x2124   330.797.3900 x1516  
Stephanie Brown   Rory Tiedemann   Brittany Morell  
Human Resources   EMIS Coordinator   Marketing & Public Relations  
330.797.3900 x1520   330.797.3900 x2233   330.797.3900 x1517  
Janet Polish   Renee Houser   Dr. Holly Welch  
State & Federal Programs   Alternative Learning Director   Falcon Fives Pre-K Director  
330.797.3900 x1514   330.797.3900 x1514   330.797.3900 x5008  
Tom Ventresco   Matthew Bostian   Russell Houser  
Technology Coordinator   Operations and Facilities   Athletic Director  
330.797.3900   330.797.3900 x1632   330.797.3900 x1080  
Alexis Weber   Angie Mraz      
Food Service Director   Transportation Supervisor      
330.797.3900 x1314   330.797.3900 x6063



Photography by Robert Senn Studio