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Health Care Team

Austintown Local Schools is fortunate to have team of healthcare professionals to meet the medical and wellness needs of our students and staff.                     
Please use this information provided to learn more about who the members of our health care team are, what they do, and how to contact them. They all play a key role and work together in ensuring our students and staff are safe and cared for while in school.            

Our Austintown Local Schools (ALS) District 

Nurses and their roles:

  • Our District Nurses (RN) are AEA members, have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, and cover all of the Austintown Local Schools. Both of our District Nurses (RN) are Licensed School Nurses and their duties include ensuring that district policy and procedures are followed when providing care for our students, conducting screenings and evaluations, and developing individual healthcare plans (IHCP) for students. Any medical concerns and treatments regarding our students should be directed to one of the District Nurses (RN) to serve, evaluate and/or implement changes in the child's medical needs while at school.



bethany martinez
Sue Tamulonis,     Bethany Martinez  
(RN, BSN, LSN)     (RN, BSN)  
Fitch/AMS, but serves the
entire district as needed
    AES/AIS, but serves the
entire district as needed
330.716.1342     330.716.2915  
Time: 7:15am - ­2:45pm    
District - 8:05am - ­3:35pm  


Medical Assistants and their roles:  
  • A Medical Assistant (MA) serves in each school clinic to assist in basic first aid need, provide medication administration as needed, perform vision & hearing screening tests, make sure the vaccines are checked, ensure emergency forms are completed, and compile health concerns. The Medical Assistants have continual training and are in frequent communication with our District Nurses during the day.








photo coming soon
photo coming soon
Lisa Mozzillo, (MA)     Melissa Eells, (MA)        
330­.797.­3900 x 2005     330­.797­.3900 x 1005        
District Float- 8:15am - ­3:45pm     Fitch - 7:15am­ - 2:45pm        
connie morales
April Ferguson, (MA)     Connie Morales, (MA)        
330­.797.­3900 x 2005     330.­797­.3901 x 6008          
AMS - 7:15am­ - 2:45pm     AIS - 8am - ­3:30pm        
photo coming soon


roxanne alexander


Heather McGahgan (MA)     Roxanne Alexander, (MA)        
330.797.3901 x 6008     330.­797­.3901 x 5014        
AIS -  8am - ­3:30pm     AES - 8am - ­3:30pm        
photo coming soon
Brionna Collins, (MA)              
330.­797­.3901 x 5014              
AES - 8am - ­3:30pm