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Falcon Nation is an online community connecting members of our school community in one centralized location.  Currently, all teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and high school students have access to Falcon Nation.  This online community allows us to post information pertinent to the Austintown schools directly to our timeline. 




Here are the advantages of using Falcon Nation powered by Drund:


  • Mobile App so you are connected anywhere.




  • Direct Message anyone in the school community




  • (teacher, parent, student, administrator, booster club, etc.).




  • Access to all organizations your child is a member of or wants to join.




  • Daily updates of what is happening at school.




  • Direct access to the booster clubs of all sports and activities.




  • Pay for everything associated with our school within one app (Fundraisers, PTA, Booster Club fees, School fees, Lunch, etc.).




  • Access to all flyers and information that is sent or mailed home.




  • Ability to store your own files and share with others.





All of the features offered through Falcon Nation are completely free to the Austintown Local School District.  There are also opportunities to earn money for our district and our programs by securing partners that will be highly motivated to have access to such a captive consumer market.  The possibilities are great and we are truly grateful to have this service.




Falcon Nation Flyer
Instructions for Falcon Nation Login.
Follow this link to log on to the Falcon Nation community.
Troubleshooting and Login Issues
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